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The Vale of Aylesbury Methodist Circuit — Safeguarding

In 2012 Arthur Sara and Pete Honeyball delivered the safeguarding foundation module to about 180 people in this circuit and Conference has decreed that this needs to be updated every five years and so to begin the process 4 sessions were organised.
Safeguarding Training was held in April and May, just over 120 people attended those sessions. However some people were unable to attend for various reasons so a further session was organised on Saturday 23 September at 10.00 am at Stoke Mandeville Methodist Church.
A further 18 people were expected at this session, in the event 33 people turned up, many were not Methodists but were leaders of groups that use one of our Circuit Churches, mainly the Aylesbury Methodist Community Centre.
Below is the list of persons that are required to attend a training session if they are to be allowed to continue their work on behalf of the Methodist Church:

  • -Presbyters with an active preaching or pastoral ministry
  • -Lay employees and volunteer workers with pastoral responsibility
  • -Pastoral visitors
  • -Anyone working with 0-18 year-olds in the name of the Church
  • -Anyone working in activities targeted at adults who are vulnerable (eg luncheon club for the housebound)
  • -Church stewards, Circuit stewards, Local preachers, Worship leaders
  • -Those training for local preaching or worship leading
  • -Church and circuit safeguarding representatives
  • -Choir/music group/drama leaders -- where there are 0-18 year-olds or vulnerable adults in the group. 'Covenant of Care' group members
  • -Young leaders (ages 16-18)

[Warmly invited but not mandatory]

  • Evangelism/mission enablers
  • Leaders of other organisations, working with 0-18 year-olds or vulnerable adults, who use church premises, which do not have an acceptable Safeguarding Policy and training.
  • Remaining choir/music group/drama leaders
  • Any other group leaders within the church, who may have adults within their particular group who are vulnerable
  • Property stewards and other keyholders, caretakers, church/circuit meeting secretaries, church/circuit/district
    The above lists were agreed by the Methodist Conference July 2016, at the CIRCUIT MEETING on September 21st 2017 it was decided that the policy would be fully implemented by March 2018.
    This may mean that further Training Sessions will be required, they last about 2½ Hours.

    If you fall into any of the above categories and have not yet attended a Training Session please contact Arthur Sara AS SOON AS POSSIBLE tel. 01296484310 Email

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