Minister: Rev Irena Byron — tel. 01525 240105 (Email)

Local contact: Stuart Minall Tel. 01296 661987 ( Email )

Church Stewards —

Stuart Minall (01296) 661987 Email

Janet Banham 660205 Email

Cathy Craft 661068 Email

Church Steward and Worship Leader for February are Stuart and Davida (see above)

  • Schoolroom Bookings: For all enquiries please contact Stuart (see above)

The signing of a Local Covenant between Cheddington Methodist Church and St Giles Parish Church.It is encouraging when denominations can work together to give a positive witness about the Christian faith. St Giles Parish Church and the Methodist Chapel share their resources in many ways.To celebrate all that exists and all that is possible in the future, the two churches have signed....

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