Christian Aid Exhibition

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Ride & Stride poster
Webteam: Tue 14 Aug 9:40am


It is well
Mel Brown: Sat 14 Jul

Circuit Youth Event!The Circuit Youth Event was held on July 7th. We kicked off the evening with prayer and worship led by Casey Leigh and the band from Aylesbury Vale Community Church (AVCC). The band helped to create a wonderful atmosphere from the very start by leading the group in a session of worship. The evening was divided into four sections: Donna encouraged the groups to think...

our calling (2)
Webteam: Fri 25 May 8:33am

A big thank you 74 times!Our Circuit Consultation on Wednesday evening at Stoke Mandeville was amazing. The atmosphere was predominantly positive and very encouraging. We almost achieved our objective of running out of chairs and the space to put them — it was wonderful — thank you so much to the seventy four (74!) people who turned up.The puddings were fantastic, the...

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