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Prayer for the Circuit:


We thank you, Lord Jesus, for one another; for the pastoral support and belonging and friendship and fellowship we experience in our local church and in the wider Circuit, as well as with many other people in a variety of contexts.
Deepen our commitment to working with others as an expression of your prayer that your will might be done and your kingdom come on earth as in heaven.

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Also see Day 22 of the District Prayer Diary for Vale of Aylesbury Circuit




This idea arose from a Circuit Consultation where members said that they would like to see better communications around the Circuit.
It was felt that there was a lot of good work going on within the Circuit but few outside of their particular church ever got to hear about it. In these days when the only news we seem to hear concerning churches is when they are threatened with closure, it is vital that we get to hear the other side as well. One small example of how useful this 'Good News' has been so far is on the subject of our work with young people — Methodism has a wonderful history of work amongst young people. Some of the 'Good News' tell us that there is still good work going on amongst children and young people in many parts of our Circuit — the problem is that we never get to hear about it. It is so encouraging to hear the success stories of Toddler Groups, Youth Groups, Cafe and Messy Church, Drop-in Church — the list is endless and it is growing!
It was recently suggested that these prayers should be expanded to cover other aspects and groups that serve the Circuit or are given Circuit support. Four such topics have been suggested; The leadership Team, our Locals Preachers and regular Visiting Preachers, Fair Trade and the Karibuni Trust; other suggestions would be welcome.






This Sunday 17 February it is the turn of Fairtrade to be the focus of our Circuit Prayers.



Dear All

Fairtrade is more than just an organisation for ensuring that all producers are fairly compensated for the services that they provide.

Fairtrade encompasses a way of living that guides our thoughts and actions in every situation and encourages us to consider the impact that our actions have on the world around us.

Fairtrade is the voice of the voiceless and the means by which we right wrongs.

Fairtrade is a way of recognising that everything we have is a gift from God and that as such it has value and deserves a place in our world.

Please support the principles of Fairtrade whenever you can, and pray that this world may become a fairer place for all!