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In May 2021 our organist, Peter Willett, celebrated 30 years of playing the organ at our church. We marked the occasion by presenting him with some gifts, including a commemorative plaque made by Keith Edwards at a Sunday morning service.



After receiving information encouraging people to raise money for 'A Tent for Lent' Risborough member Vic Baker said: From my days in Rotary I knew the value of Emergency Boxes. In disaster areas these boxes gave shelter, basic tools, basic cooking materials and a family tent for shelter. Each box provided a lifeline for families that had lost everything in disasters such as earthquakes, floods etc. During the period of Covid Lockdown I thought this might provide a challenge for the members of PRMC and indeed friends. With this in mind I proposed to the church forum that we should take on board the " Tent For Lent" challenge.

In a moment of madness I offered to do a mini piano playing marathon of at least four hours in the hope that I would receive sponsorship from church members and friends. The Church Forum approved the proposal. I set about obtaining sponsors and on Monday 12th April 2021 I sat at my piano and for four hours and 15 minutes I played a variety of music, classical, modern and a selection of Charles Wesley hymns to end the marathon. Donors were offered a choice of ways of donating, cheques, cash or by internet giving through "" the facility to Gift Aid the donation was made available.

The response to my appeal was humbling for me and the amount donated to date is £1200.00p. I am most grateful and thankful to everyone who gave generously to the project.

Rev Keith receiving cheque

Photograph of Rev Keith Edwards receiving the cheque on behalf of " Shelter Box.

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