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Thought for the Day – 17-11-21

Dealing with differences

John Wesley Sermon 34 (extract)

Give me your hand

Do you show your love by what you do? Do you do good to everyone, neighbours or
strangers alike, friends or enemies, good or bad? Do you help them in every way
to the very best of your ability? If you can answer "yes", then you and I think alike.
If this is the case, then give me your hand.
I do not mean "agree with me on everything." I do not want it or expect it.
Nor do I mean "I will agree with you on everything," because I cannot.
You keep your opinions; I will keep mine as strongly as ever.
And don't let us try to convert each other.
Don't let us speak about our different opinions; just give me your hand.
If you and I think alike and you love God and all humankind, then I ask no more,
"give me your hand."

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