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Donna - 27th

This morning Donna is reflecting upon Revelations 3:7-13 please ...CLICK HERE to read or listen to the reading, before staring the .

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Anthony - 2n
Rev Anthony Howells: Thu 02 Jul 5:00am

This morning Anthony has chosen to reflect upon Acts 4: 32-37, you can...CLICK HERE to be able to read or listen to the reading , before watching the...

Richard - 1s
Rev Richard Atkinson: Wed 01 Jul 5:00am

This morning Richard is reflecting upon reflection and meditation, possibly inspired by Psalm 119; 97" Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day...

Arthur- 30th
Mr Arthur Sara: Tue 30 Jun 5:00am

This morning Arthur reflects upon a poem "The Ballad of the Breadman" by Charles Causley. If you don't know the poem, and wish to read it before viewing Arthur's video ... CLICK HERE and scroll down to find the author's recording of the poem. There are also printed copies of the poem on the...