While churches remain closed or the Covid19 Rules remain in force, there will be various initiatives to encourage us to maintain our Worship at home.

On WEEKDAYS ...Including Saturdays:

  • 'THOUGHT FOR THE DAY' After consultation with the churches it would appear that the take up for the daily videos is not high around the Circuit. They will, for the time being, continue on the Aylesbury website where there is an interest in their continuing. They can be found using the following link : ...CLICK HERE where they appear under 'Latest News'.
    On Each SUNDAY:
  • The 10.30 am Streamed Service will come from the Aylesbury manse, we hope many friends will join us, by going to the Aylesbury Methodist Website ...CLICK HERE then click the 'Streaming' button -Top Right on the Aylesbury Church Website..You can also join a Zoom 'coffee group, staring at approximately 12.45 pm , instructions for joining are the same as for the weekly Fellowships (see below) Also see the list on the Website of 'COMING EVENTS' for other upcoming Services.
  • The streamed service from Thame Christchurch will be at 10.30am and can be joined if you ...CLICK HERE
    Once the broadcast begins, you may need to click on the 'play' button on your computer / tablet / phone to start watching.
    This service will be transmitted from the church. Please Notethat the church is not open for public worship at present, so please do not come to Christchurch on Sunday morning, as it will not be possible to admit you to the building.
    A further link to a recording of the service will be posted, once this is available, which should be around lunchtime on Sunday.
    For this link ...CLICK HERE Please note you need to select the Service you wish to see and be prepared for an organ voluntary when a still picture is on screen.
  • Donna Broadbent-Kelly will lead a Zoomed Service at 10.00 am.To join this meeting ...CLICK HERE then enter the following when instructed:
    Meeting ID: 821 3195 1955
    Passcode: 606676
  • Keith Edwards will lead a Zoomed Service at 10.30 am.
    To join this Service ... CLICK HERE follow instructions and enter these codes when asked:
    Meeting ID: 836 320 9329
    Passcode: 9Ts0Bd
  • Anthony Howells will lead an on-line Service at 10.30 am.
    ...CLICK HERE to join on 'U' tube
    or...CLICK HERE to join on Facebook.
    The streams are the same, but on Facebook you can comment and chat to people during the service.
    Also there is a dial in recording of the sermon (available throughout the week) on 01296 327561.

-There will be services streamed from safe locations from around the Connexion for details ...SEE

  • For those who wish to become part of a Virtual Fellowship group. If you are not already signed into Zoom, you will need to go to Zoom in any browser, download the App. and join this free service.
    The first groups meet each week and many feel the best thing is being able to talk to others.
    Nothing too heavy more of a support group in many ways. If you are interested just Email Richard to let him know your preferred times from Tuesday at 7.30 pm or Thursday at 10.00am or 2.00 pm and then he can "invite" you join
  • Our Friends at The Vine have also come up with a suggestion for Home Worship you can use as individuals or as families at home, the link to the Service for each Sunday will be put on this page
    Just click the link above. This will be renewed each week at least.
    Many of you will have received copies of The Vine scripts for Local Arrangements, the scope of the distribution has been extended to allow more folk to have access to them to use in private/ family meditation. This week they have added a Newsletter from ALL WE CAN which includes an Order of Service you might like to use and an appeal for prayerful and practical support for projects they support.
    If you cannot make the link in the Newsletter work, try clicking ...HERE
  • As usual, you will also be able to read the weekly 'GOOD NEWS' from the churches on the Prayer page. ...SEE
    Any individual contributions to that page will be very welcome
  • Wingrave will continue to publish their weekly New Sheet
  • Around the Circuit we are so grateful for all those striving to support their congregations through phone calls., offers of shopping etc.

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