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On Sunday, 26 May, the focus of our Circuit Prayers was on Karibuni Children.

Dear All

We hear from Joy who visited the Karibuni Children project in Kenya, and her words are very humbling. The work of this charity is truly amazing and we are so grateful to Joy and all who work with her. Please pray this week for all those who freely give of their time as part of their ministry for Christ, and help this wonderful charity show a whole generation of young people that we do care!


Joy writes:.

Before I went to Kenya this year, several friends, at church and elsewhere, gave me money to spend when I met a need, and there are always many..................Click hereto see full report

Bless you all


#On Sunday, 12 May, the focus of our Circuit Prayers was on Young People

Dear All

We rejoice with Loretta as she shares her story with us. Do remember the young people who are in our midst, sharing in the life of our Circuit, forming links with other followers of Christ and touching our lives by bringing us a refreshing new insight into the work of the Holy Spirit amongst us.


Sarah from Weedon introduces Loretta -

"Loretta who is now 20 lives in Weedon and when she first arrived as a teenager, she came to Weedon Chapel, and our partner church at Hardwick, but settled on Holy Trinity as it has a big youth following and was more her scene. She and her family are still very supportive of the Weedon church. This is a lovely story of how God has touched her life"

Loretta's story

I have been blessed to grow up in a loving Christian family with my parents and brother.

I remember my younger years going to Sunday kids groups back in Guildford and learning all about the different stories and characters in the Bible, this helped my young faith to grow. We were there for 10 years until we moved area due to Dad's new job working for the Royal Family near Windsor. We thought it best to to be part of a more local church community, so joined a large modern fellowship in Bracknell. As a teenager I learned a deeper understanding of what it's like to have a personal faith and relationship with Jesus and how the Bible was relevant to my life. The worship was modern and the words often spoke to me. I realised the importance of him dying for me personally and wanting to commit my life to him.

I have had two times in my life that have been very painful and challenging and I know without my faith, would not have come through like I did, being able to move on knowing God was there holding my hand and leading me through it.

There have been certain special people in my life so far that have all played a part in teaching, encouraging, challenging and sharing their faith and knowledge with me including my parents and grandparents, and two wonderful ladies from the two churches I've mentioned that were my spiritual 'go to' Christian role models.

Almost 3 years ago we had another life changing move here to Aylesbury, it was an exciting new start for us all, and being surrounded by beautiful countryside. With that came the hunt for a new church for us all. After visiting a few locally, we walked through the doors of Holy Trinity and were overwhelmed with the loving and generous welcome, making us feel so at home.

That was almost 2 years ago and after settling in and completing an Alpha course, where I learned so much more about Jesus and what he did for us all, I felt it was the right time to take the next important step in my faith journey and be Baptised. That was exactly a year ago now since that wonderful occasion, I feel my faith has 'soared', my previous heavy weight of worries seemed to just drop away as I came up out of the water.

I love being involved at church and serving where I feel God has prompted me to help, this includes the 'kids work groups', singing in the worship band and co leading the teenagers monthly Bible study called 'Chill', which is so precious to be part of their growing Christian faith journeys.

Looking back on my life, I feel I have grown closer and closer to God, learning his desires and purposes for my life moving forward.

I feel like the little flickering flame of faith as a child, has been fanned into a roaring fire " today .

May I just end by sharing that God had answered a big desire of my heart recently and that was to have a loving, Christian partner. Well God has blessed me with the most wonderful man, who truly loves and accepts me for who I am. We are so enjoying sharing our faith together and I thank the Lord for his faithfulness in answering my prayer.

May God bless you.


#On Sunday, 5 May, Wingrave was the focus of our Circuit Prayers

Dear All,

We join Mary as she shares her journey with us. Mary has been blessed with a rich variety of churches in her journey and we rejoice that she ended up with us in the Methodist Church, but I just wonder how much Mary has touched the churches that she visited over the years. We tend to judge a church by its welcome and the gifts that it offers us, we forget that the giving of gifts and love works both ways. I am sure that many of those churches were blessed by Mary's stay in their midst, in exactly the same way that we are blessed today by visitors who call in on us. Please pray this week for all those who for whatever reason, visit a variety of different fellowships and also pray that the enrichment and offer of gifts is mutual and beneficial to both, revealing to both the wonderful love of Jesus.


Mary writes:

My mother attended a Baptist Church when I was a child. My father didn't go to church. I didn't attend Sunday School.

I started going to church after I was married, attending the Church of Scotland.

I moved to England in 1983, and while staying with my mother in law I went to the Anglican Church. Shortly afterwards we moved to Farningham and I went to the Anglican Church but I was not comfortable there. In the next village there was a Baptist Church, I liked it.

In 1989 we moved to the Ashdown Forest and went to the Baptist Church in Forest Row.

When my husband retired we decided to move to be nearer our son. We moved to Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, and went along to the Methodist Church and I was made very welcome.

Ask, and it will be given to you, seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you.


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