Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all church services are currently suspended


You will find a warm welcome at any of the Services held in the churches of the Circuit week by week.
Our Services may be conducted by a variety of Preachers that range from Ordained Methodist ministers to trained Local preachers and even some Worship Groups that have been formed in some of our churches. The Circuit is also indebted to a number of Visiting Preachers who may be ministers from other denominations or Local preachers from other Circuits. We therefore enjoy a wide variety of styles of worship in the 18 churches that comprise the Vale of Aylesbury Methodist Circuit.
There will also be a number of United Services in out towns and villages where local churches worship together, some on special occasions but most on a regular basis.
There are also a number of occasions when the Circuit Churches are invited to come together usually in the Aylesbury Church.
All the details are published on a quarterly Circuit Preaching Plan, which can only contain brief details so if you want more detail click on CHURCHES above and select select the church you are interested in to find more detail and a map of how to find it.


What happens during Methodist worship?

Methodist worship is quite varied, but you should always find:

  • enthusiastic singing of hymns and songs (old and new)
  • readings from the Bible in a modern easily understood translation
  • heartfelt prayers which relate to what is going on in the world


FOR CURRENT PREACHING PLAN CLICK or TAP or go to the PREACHING PLANS page if you want to know about the latest amendments