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Sunday 28 May, it was the turn of Stewkley to be the focus of our Circuit Prayers.

Dear All,

Margaret and Lynda have put their heads together and they offer their thoughts below. They highlight many areas where we can bring people together in a warm Christian environment and offer among other things 'Cake and lots of chat!' We often discount the 'tea and coffee' after a service as an 'add on', but it is more than that really. It is a response to all we have shared in the service, both the word, the scriptures and through our prayers. It is the people of God meeting together in Fellowship, sharing food and the love of Christ over a cup of tea. Please pray for all those who ensure that everyone is included and gets the chance to share in our outreach to the community.


Lynda and Margaret write

The work we are doing at Stewkley is about events, but could not be done without the dedication of those who choose to work with each.

Over the last few months we have begun two new events. Firstly, Social Fellowship which now meets once a month, where we enjoy the company of those that attend. We have tea and cakes and lots of chat. We have enjoyed quizzes, speakers and given people a chance to just be social. Some conversations can be about faith, others more secular. You could say we are still finding our way with this. We are joined by our friends from St Michael's.

The second event is more practical and is called "Mend it". If something needs to be mended you can bring it along and our experts will hopefully mend it for a donation when it is repaired. We also offer refreshments. We have found that for some this has been a time to meet old and new friends within a welcoming environment.

We have hosted three Afternoon teas which have been very successful, again bringing people to the chapel in a friendly way. These are our community out-reach projects.

So what have we been doing in our services? Our CaféChurch, usually on the third Sunday at 10 am is aimed at families, however I believe some of our more senior members like doing the activities we come up with just as much, and it hopefully will continue to provide our younger members a way to worship in a more relaxed atmosphere.

For our officers of the church, life always seems busy but I think that is the way it should be.

(They finish with the words – Good wishes from our end of the circuit to your end!)

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#Sunday 21 May, Princes Risborough was the focus of our Circuit Prayers

Dear All

Maureen reminds us below how important everyone is in the family of Christ's Church, here where we are. So many places struggle to find people to carry out jobs, so it is important to recognise the contribution made by so many who do care for us, our fellowship and our mission to the world. Please pray for all those within our fellowships who do offer their time and talents to ensure we are all looked after, and pray for those lovely people at Princes Risborough.


Maureen writes

We are very lucky in PR that we have people willing to organize us. Neville takes us for a church walk each year and arranges a men's breakfast. Vic organizes the choir and a musical concert most years; Peter has us playing carpet bowls; Barry is responsible for table tennis; Pam takes the Tuesday Fellowship; Judith sees that we have an excellent lunch to celebrate Church Anniversary and also Harvest; Victoria leads a Bible Study called SALT which is Sharing and Learning Together and Maureen runs a table top games morning.

This is all apart from the usual church administration duties!


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#Sunday 14th May was the focus of our Circuit Prayers is on North Marston.

Dear All

David highlights the importance of relationships and the impact they can have on our ministries. Please pray for David and his faithful team this Sunday as they actively seek to offer the good news of the gospel to their community in a fresh and exciting way.


David writes:

This has been a challenge because one can only judge people's commitment by what they do in and around the community.
We have a very strong committee who dream up a number of ways to finance the Church. The wonderful thing about this is thatpeople are brought together and more importantly meet up and develop friendships. This is more than just a "spin off".

On this weekend, events were organised such that the Wesley Centre was filled to overflowing with families and friends, it wasa most joyful and refreshing occasion. This generates a great deal of good will and this is reflected by what outsiders say of North Marston.

Most of our members at St Mary's are actively involved in village affairs and are therefore in the public eye. Outreach of this kind we find to be very valuable and we can only hope that little sparks can light a bigger fire.

We can only hope that our personal lives do not in any way hinder the Lord's work.

Every blessing

David Heffer

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#Sunday, 7 May, was the turn of Haddenham to be the focus of our Circuit Prayers.

Dear All,

This week we hear how by stepping out in faith and trusting in the providence of God, a need was answered in financial terms and also in people going the extra mile by helping where needed. Please give thanks in your prayers this week for those who are prepared to rely on our Lord for everything, and support them in any way you can.


Jenny writes:

When I was raising money to support Sneha orphanage in India, at the beginning of every year I would pray to God to ask him to make it possible to raise the money needed for the upkeep for that year. Every year He supplied that need. I never knew how I was going to raise it but it just kept coming in.

With the help of the members of Haddenham Methodist Church who supported me we succeeded. Just as Rev. Saduri had faith in me to raise the money to supply the things we needed, I put my trust in God that he would make it happen. We had pilots from airlines flying sewing machines, plus other travellers who stepped in to ferry things out for us to the orphanage.

It is amazing what can be done if you put your trust in God.

Best wishes


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